Saturday, May 9, 2009

CFL Lighting Myths

As I'm just starting this blog (I'm not sure that I even like the name at this point), I found this article on my Yahoo News Homepage. I had been thinking about the kinds of topics I'd like to address in this blog. There are a lot of areas I'd like to learn more about, and inform you about in our little neck of the woods.

But one being energy consumption. I'm interested in ways to enable and encourage people to choose energy efficient products that save money and help the environment. But for every good idea there seems to still be persistent criticism. So, I'd like to try, as best I honestly can, to cut through the BS and prevent truthful information.

So, here are the criticisms, or myths, for CFL's (Compact Flourescent Lights) that some people like to throw out in a confusing attempt to rationalize the refusal of using such good and efficient bulbs.

Three CFL myths busted